Slainte! Red House Honey’s Robbie Burns Night


Red House Honey celebrated Robbie Burns Night a little early…after all, they are already celebrating in Scotland, so why not? As our magnificent haggis, procured from master haggis-makers at Glebe Meat Market, roasted in the oven, we put on our kilts and trotted out our 20-year-old Talisker Scotch whiskey, bought on a previous trip to that eponymous fog-shrouded village in Skye.

Bringing out the Talisker
Bringing out the Talisker on Robbie Burns Night

One powerful, peaty shot is enough to warm the cockles of your heart (and everything else) for hours. Drizzling some Red House Raw Honey atop the “great Chieftain o’ the puddin’ race” one of our number leapt atop the table, sword in hand, and recited the Address to the Haggis (well, at least the first three verses).
Then, toasting the venerable overstuffed sausage, garnished with pan-roasted potatoes, kale, marrow and onions, we carved it up and fell upon it.

Not entirely a conventional Robbie Burns evening, but a delightfully tasty one.