Thick, dark and tingly-good!

Thick, dark, aromatic eucalyptus honey from Serra d'Arga, Portugal
Thick, dark, aromatic eucalyptus honey from Serra d’Arga, Portugal

Thick, dark and tingly-good. That’s how to describe Portuguese eucalyptus honey from the Serra d’Arga mountains. This dry, forested region about an hour from the coast is located in northern Portugal, an area which is less well-known to tourists, but which faithfully preserves the old Portuguese rural way of life in many of its delightful small towns, villages and settlements.



At Jose and Helena's: chickens and corn
At Jose and Helena’s: chickens and corn

Jose and Helena, two elderly farmers in the area, gave Red House Honey a sample of their delicious honey, which is harvested entirely by hand. Mmm good! Nothing beats all-natural, raw honey straight from the hive.