RHH Dec. 7: VISIT US AT LAFF & Jewish Community Centre/Chanukah Fair


RHH Merry Mini Holiday Gift Box

RHH Merry Mini Holiday Gift Box


Red House Honey will be selling fabulous holiday products at two Ottawa locations December 7 starting @ 10 a.m.

Honey lovers! Visit us at LAFF – the Locavore Artisan Food Fair 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at ECW Centre (Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre, 1805 Gaspé Avenue in Manor Park (2 blocks away from RCMP Musical Ride). Check out our gift bags and boxes and our selection of Raw/Kosher and Farm/Select Apiaries honeys.

Kosher honey lovers! We’ll also be at the Solway Jewish Community Centre at 21 Nadolny Sachs Private in Westboro 10 a.m- 4 p.m. selling our delicious kosher honey. All welcome!

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Terminator 2: A new bee killing chemical



Ontario Beekeepers’ Association warns of a new, deadly pesticide which could be released on an unsuspecting world – flupyradifurone…which is even worse than neonicotinoids. For more about this “Terminator 2” read

OBA responds to PMRA’s plan to approve another systemic pesticide.

It is of grave concern to us that PMRA would be considering approving another systemic pesticide before the current review on neonicotinoids is completed. We are also concerned about the limited and poorly communicated plan and timeframe for responding to this potentially damaging chemical.What is especially troubling is that, in its own description, PMRA states flupyradifurone ‘may pose a risk to bees, non-target beneficial arthropods and freshwater and saltwater invertebrates when used for foliar application.’ It further indicates that it doesn’t readily break down in water, air or sunlight and may carry over to the following growing season. When it enters streams, rivers and wetlands, ‘it may persist for a long time.’ Like neonicotinoids, flupyradifurone is a nerve poison, acutely toxic to bees if ingested. And as with other pesticides, the cumulative and interactive effects from the increasing use of pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals being applied indiscriminately across the country are currently unknown.The Ontario Beekeepers’ Association is concerned that these pesticides are being approved without adequate independent science on the immediate and lasting impact. The Government of Canada must assume some liability related to the subsequent impact on individual beekeepers as well as the beekeeping industry.

We call on the Government of Canada to employ the Precautionary Principle as outlined in Health Canada’s Decision-making Framework and thereby delay approval of flupyradifurone.  Download OBA submission here.


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The Princess Rants


Red House Honey: Handmade the Old-Fashioned Way

Red House Honey: Handmade the Old-Fashioned Way


“Sweetness in a Little Red Box”

Why do we reward poor customer service?

I was at Yorkville Shopping Centre in Toronto about a year ago and got into a huge fight with a very very rude clerk…after I suggested that she should have stopped folding clothes and served me. I would have simply not have purchased the clothes…but I was with my sons and they wanted the stuff. In the end, she THREW my purchases at me, muttering under her breath and glaring daggers at me. Nice. That’s what I came into your store for….abuse.

Personally, I refuse to reward a company’s bad customer service by purchasing items. I have walked out leaving my prospective purchases behind if I have to wait too long, if clerks ignore me, are texting/talking on their phones and don’t help me, or display a bad attitude. That is the only way companies will give their staff proper training and hire appropriate personnel.

Here’s the real news: in some communities, clerks are actually nice to customers and want to know how they are, if they found everything they wanted, and are grateful they shopped in their store. For great customer experiences, try Your Independent in Manotick, Rooney Feeds in Iroquois, Tropical Pool and Spa in Prescott and Cedar and Co. in Ottawa.

I rarely shop in Ottawa any more because of the long lines and poor service. I shop in Kemptville, Manotick, Iroquois, Prescott and even Brockville. I will drive far out of my way to find a friendly Staples (Kemptvillle).

I visited the South Keys Ottawa Staples outlet and the clerk actually bumped a trolley of stuff into me, didn’t apologize and didn’t help me when I was obviously looking for something. I told the manager and got the usual ‘oh we’re so sorry, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Blah blah.”

But who HIRES these people in the first place? I suspect its people with HR degrees who are taught to ask prospective employees “Now what type of vegetable would you like to be?” instead of “are you a reasonable human being who wants to help people?”

I prefer Cedar & Co., my local tiny grocery store where prices might be higher but where most people greet me and say “How are you, darling?” Yeah, maybe I am a bit of a princess, but gee, it doesn’t take much to make me feel like one. And that’s when I whip out my credit card to show my appreciation…..

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Red House Honey Happy Holiday Gift Boxes: Honey, Soaps


RHH Merry Mini Holiday Gift Box

RHH Merry Mini Holiday Gift Box

Red House Honey Love Body Bar/Savon L'Amour de Miel

Red House Honey Love Body Bar/Savon L’Amour de Miel



For the second year we are proud to offer Red House Honey gift boxes, which come in two sizes – Mini Happy Holiday Gift Box and Mega Holiday Gift Box.

Our Mini Gift Box includes a 140 g jar of FARM/Select Apiaries amber (buckwheat infused) or golden (Purple Loosestrife) 100% pure, raw (unpasteurized) Ontario honey. $13 individual or $12 for orders of 10 or more.

Our Mega Gift Box includes a 250g jar of FARM/Select Apiaries amber or golden 100% pure, raw (unpasteurized) Ontario honey. $16 for an individual box or $15 for order of ten or more. No tax or delivery charges in the Ottawa/Manotick area. Both nestle nicely in a tissue paper nest and the bright red box is tied with a festive bow. For an extra $7 (or $6 on orders of more than 10 boxes) we will include our brand new Honey Love Body Bar/Savon L’Amour de Miel, a 142 g (approx weight) handmade bar of all-natural Red House Honey beeswax and honey soap.

Or try our other natural, handmade soaps:

. Summer Sun Soap/Savon Le Soleil d’Ete (made with Red House Honey and our own orange and yellow Calendulas)
. Lily Loves Lavender Soap/Savon Lily Aime la Lavande (made with Red House Honey, named for one of our Bouviers des Flandres dogs, who, with her brother, helps out in the beeyard by pulling a cart full of tools, honey and sometimes even bees). She loves to sniff the flowers in our gardens (though sometimes there’s a bee in one of them…)

These 100% homegrown Ontario products are not only good for you, they make a unique gift which we guarantee your staff, family and friends will love. Raw honey is anti-bacterial and known to help allergy sufferers. Consuming pollen from your local area helps build up immunities. Our soap is hypo-allergenic and contains only natural ingredients.

We will be at the Jewish Community Centre at 21 Nadolny Sachs Private on Dec. 7 for the Chanukah Fair, selling our Raw/Kosher honey, and on the very same day, at the Terry Fox Centre in Manor Park, at LAFF (the Locavore Artisan Food Fair).

Our products are found in Glebe Meat Market, Jacobson’s, Ottawa Bagel Shop, Rideau Bakery (Rideau St.), The French Café, Cardinal Flower Shop, Rooney Feed and Seed, Burchell’s Home Hardware and Halee’s Lockview Gift Shop. We are a regular vendor at the Prescott Farmers’ and Crafers’ Market and our products travel to fairs, markets and craft shows throughout eastern Ontario with B&B’s Pickles and Preserves.

We sell only raw, unpasteurized local honey under two labels:

RAW/Kosher: we have the only OVH certified kosher honey in the Ottawa area which we produce under the supervision of a rabbi on our premises – all by hand!

FARM/Select Apiaries: we purchase honey from selected area apiaries which love beekeeping as much as we do. This year we are featuring Purple Loosestrife (Golden), Buckwheat Infused (Amber), Buckwheat (Dark)and a tiny amount of Wildflower (White).

As us about our honey tastings and honey extraction demonstrations for groups. Last year our gift boxes sold out by mid-November, so order yours today!

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B’s Bubbles and Red House Honey: It’s Honey Love!



Discerning customers appreciating B's Bubbles soap...with a touch of Red House Honey

Discerning customers appreciating B’s Bubbles soap…with a touch of Red House Honey

Now you can work yourself into a lather with Red House Honey! Red House Honey delighted to be a part of B’s Bubbles all-natural soaps and lip balms. Brenda (the “B” in B’s Bubbles) uses all-natural ingredients in her fine products. She uses Red House Honey in her B’s Bubbles Oatmeal and Honey Soap with Coconut Milk and Benzoin Essential Oil…and in her Handcrafted Honey and Beeswax Lip Balm. Lip smackin’ good! She just whipped up a new batch of Honey & Beeswax soap…which looks like honey comb. Mmmm!  Look for more of Brenda’s great products at www.bsbubbles.ca.

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Honey & Beeswax Soap from B's Bubbles

Honey & Beeswax Soap from B’s Bubbles

B's Bubbles Honey & Beeswax Soap

B’s Bubbles Honey & Beeswax Soap

Lip-Smackin' Honey: Red House Honey in B's Bubbles

Lip-Smackin’ Honey: Red House Honey in B’s Bubbles

Pass me the soap, honey! Red House Honey is in B's Bubbles

Pass me the soap, honey! Red House Honey is in B’s Bubbles

Red House Honey FARM: Four New Honey Varieties


RHH's FARM/Select Apiaries and RAW/Kosher lines

RHH’s FARM/Select Apiaries and RAW/Kosher lines


Red House Honey’s FARM/SELECT APIARIES label now offers you more honey varieties to choose from.

Try our yummy

. Dark/Buckwheat

. Amber/Buckwheat Infused

. Golden/Aster or Purple Loosestrife

. White/Wildflower

And don’t forget about our RAW/Kosher label, available in very limited quantities. Get yours at the Chanukah Fair at the Solway Jewish Community Centre, 21 Nadolny Sachs Pt. Ottawa. 613.798.9818. We’ll be there on December 7.

RHH will be at the Prescott Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market, indoors at the Prescott Legion, 141 Henry Street, most Saturday mornings until Christmas.

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