Merry Christmas from Red House Honey



Santa Comes to Prescott Farmers' & Crafters' Market

Santa Comes to Prescott Farmers’ & Crafters’ Market

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Red House Honey. We had a great time making honey, meeting people, talking about bees and demonstrating how to extract honey.
In 2015 Red House Honey will be focussing on honey tastings and honey extraction demonstrations for groups. And of course, we’ll be back at Prescott Farmers’ & Crafters’ Market, where we sold our very first jar of honey in 2013.
Red House Honey has been fortunate to have the help of family and dedicated friends and neighbours as well as very committed suppliers who have worked hard to help make RHH a success. And of course there are our loyal customers who stop by to see us and talk about our favourite topics: bees and honey.
We thank you all.
Here’s hoping you all have a safe and happy time with your loved ones over the holidays. See you all next year…

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Misinformation on Bayer, Syngenta class action suit by beekeepers corrected by Siskinds LLP


#redhousehoney Beekeepers involved in a class action suit against leading neonicotinoid-manufacturing chemical companies — Bayer and Syngenta — saw red after reading the Financial Post’s special report which contained misinformation about the suit. Lawyers for the firm bringing the class action, Siskinds, have responded and the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association has issued the following update to its members:

“The lawyers representing beekeepers in the class action suit against Bayer and Syngenta have asked us to circulate the following letter which has gone to the Financial Post in response to an article posted on October 28, 2014. The article in question was written by a representative of an American ‘think tank’ with a history of trying to discredit groups working on environmental issues.

Although the OBA is not actively involved in the law suit, we felt is was in our community’s best interest to receive accurate information upon which to base a personal decision related to the class action suit. OBA has a FAQ and other information on its webpage:

For more information please visit Siskinds’ website to contact them with any questions you might have.

On October 28, 2014, the Financial Post published a special report on the class action brought by Siskinds on behalf of beekeepers against agricultural technology companies, Bayer and Syngenta, for the manufacturer of neonicotinoids.

Unfortunately, the article is riddled with false and misleading statements and meant to deter beekeepers from participating in the class action, which is exactly what Bayer and  Syngenta would like to see happen. Primarily, the article is meant to scare beekeepers from joining the class action by alleging that the beekeepers will be responsible for costs. This is simply not true. Siskinds LLP can confirm that there are no costs whatsoever to any beekeeper who decides to participate in the claim. In other words, there is NO financial risk to any beekeeper who joins the class action.

Siskinds LLP has responded, and will continue to respond, to every question and request for information received about the class action – both positive and negative. Siskinds LLP is always available to answer inquiries about the class action process.”

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New Red House Honey Love Soap


#redhousehoney Work yourself into a lather with one (or all) of our  four new soaps coming on “steam”~~Honey Love Body Bar/Savon L’Amour de Miel, made with our own beeswax and honey
~Lily Loves Lavender Soap/Savon Lily Aime La Lavande, made with honey and our own lavender
~Summer Sun Soap/Savon Soleil d’Ete, made with honey and Calendula blossoms from our gardens
~Hamish’s Highland Lad Lather/Le savon de gars écossais, which could just make you feel….grrrr! Each bar comes in its own red organza gift bag.

On Dec. 7 we’ll be selling RAW/Kosher honey at Solway Jewish Community Centre/Ottawa AND FARM/Select Apiaries honey and soaps at LAFF (Ottawa Locavore Artisan Food Fair) at Terry Fox Youth Centre, Manor Park/Ottawa.

Berry Xmas Beeswax Candle

Berry Xmas Beeswax Candle (gift box extra).



Red House Honey Love Body Bar/Savon L'Amour de Miel

Red House Honey Love Body Bar/Savon L’Amour de Miel

RHH Merry Mini Holiday Gift Box

RHH Merry Mini Holiday Gift Box

Berry Xmas Beeswax & Mind Your Beeswax Candles make a great gift. Made of pure beeswax gathered from our hives. Turn the lights down low and reach for your honey.

Put any or all of our Honey Love products in a gift box together with a jar of our yummy honey. They are perfect Christmas gifts.

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