Let the growing begin!

Red House Honey’s seeds have been started in the Red House Honey Hothouse (i.e. the living room). Some of the intriguing varieties include Bulgarian Carrot Hot Peppers, Yellow Banana Peppers, Clove-scented Basil, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Bloody Butcher Tomatoes, Spacemaster Cucumbers, Granite Melons from our friends at Nova Scotia’s Incredible Seed Co. as well as our own heirloom yellow tomatoes and green-shouldered red tomatoes that we got from our eccentric gardening genius-neighbour, Pav.

All seeds are organically grown, without pesticides or herbicides and have not been genetically modified.

Pav defected from a certain Communist army (where he had been conscripted) during the Velvet Revolution and was smuggled to West Germany. We don’t think he had any tomato plants concealed on his person, but nonetheless, these seeds are his own eclectic mix of Eastern European plants and his own experimental crosses.

What we can tell you is that the yellow and red/green heirloom tomato plants practically grow wild in our gardens, springing up early in spring of their own accord, producing baskets and baskets of small, incredibly sweet tomatoes which never rot (even when they fall on the ground), get bothered by pests or cause the least fuss at all.

Unlike their creator…who once decided to do a little target practise with his army revolver at some old beer cans he’d stacked up against his wooden fence one summer mid-afternoon. The problem was, I was doing a little yoga practise on my mat right behind that fence. But that’s another story.

Seeds ready to go
Seeds ready to go