Large CSA Veggie Basket


Red House Honey Large CSA Veggie Box $300 for nine deliveries June-September. Features a selection of organically-grown veggies, honey, non-GMO seeds, herbs, eggs and other locally-grown goodies.


Please read the following commitments and then click the button below to sign up for your CSA share. By clicking the link you agree to the commitments stated below.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership of mutual benefit between a farm and a community of supporters like you, forging a direct link between the production and consumption of food. Both the risks of crop failure and the joys of a bountiful harvest are shared between us, the farmers and you, our CSA members.

Red House Honey commits to providing hand-harvested, small-batch and organically-grown vegetables. We will do everything in our ability to deal with challenges posed by weather, pests or disease. Some crops will fail while others will be abundant due to factors over which we have no control. Occasionally we will purchase vegetables and other items from neighbouring farmers we trust. We appreciate the commitment of our CSA customers. Your support ensures that the quantity and quality of produce in each basket is our farm’s priority.

Summer CSA Program

The summer season consists of 9 weekly deliveries starting at the end of June and lasting until mid-September.

The cost of the program is as follows:

Small box: $200 for nine deliveries

Large box: $300 for nine deliveries


We accept payment via cash or credit card, cheque or Interac e-transfer. Cheques can be sent to Box 358, Cardinal Post Office, Cardinal, ON K0E 1E0. Once payment is received, your account information will be updated to reflect the payment. Details on how to pay by E-Transfer will be specified in the reply email you receive when signing up. We must receive your payment in order to reserve your spot, and before you receive any deliveries.

Picking Up Your Veggies

As a CSA member, you commit to picking up your vegetables from the same, pre-determined location each week. This may be your own home or a neighbours if you are part of our hub system. If you cannot make the set day and time, you must have someone else pick up your vegetables for that week, or to lose your share for that week. Pickup locations are not flexible once they have been chosen, unless you ask us to drop off at a location already on our delivery list.

We pick your produce right before delivery. We try to make sure food is fresh and that all containers are clean. On hot summer days, some produce may wilt. Putting flowers and stemmed vegetables into some warm water can help. The shock of vegetables placed in a warm vehicle, then being put into a cold fridge can also hasten wilting. Transfer items out of plastic bags a.s.a.p; paper bags are kinder to produce.

YES, YOU NEED TO HAVE A COOLER: If you don’t have one, go to Canadian Tire and buy a styrofoam beer cooler for $5. Make sure to put ice packs or frozen yogurt container or water bottle into your cooler. Place your cooler in the same spot each week, preferably in a shady, cool spot–and tell us where to find it! Make sure your cooler is large enough to hold the veggie box AND its contents!