Pooh! RHH Gardens Manured and Ready for Spring

The Red House Honey gardens received a load of organic sh&*! this week courtesy of Aubin Farm in Spencerville.
It was a long, lonely couple of days with a wheelbarrow but finally the task is done and the gardens are tucked up tight, ready for winter.
But more to the point, they will be raring to go come spring–and the roll out of our CSA Veggie Basket program.
Sign up by February, 2018 to receive your $200 small or $300 large veggie basket nine times next June through September. Visit our on-line shop to sign up and pay. Click the basket you want and we will email you with payment instructions. Thanks for supporting Red House Honey and local farmers. Support the right to farm by finding out what regulations are in your area concerning livestock and other agriculture.

Red House Honey's organic manure
Red House Honey’s organic manure

United Way of Ottawa’s inaugural Winter Market…with Red House Honey

Come visit Red House Honey at the United Way of Ottawa’s inaugural Winter Market on Coventry Road Thurs. Nov. 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We’ll have all of our usual great products –fresh, kosher honey, 100% pure beeswax candles and our ever-popular soap–plus our nifty Garden in a Box and assorted individual seed packets. Great gifts for green thumbs!

United Way/Centraide Ottawa
363 Coventry Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 2C5
(613) 228-6700

Ah, the golden strains of honey...
Ah, the golden strains of honey…