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Not sure about the quality of your honey? Call the honey detective.

Prof. Vaughn Bryant at work

CSI: Pollen Detective: Gardenista.

Prof. Vaughn Bryant is a melissopalynologist (pollen analyst) at Texas A &M University has one of the world’s few pollen testing laboratories which can successfully analyze honey pollen and indicate where the honey has come from. He can tell if honey labelled “local” or “raw” really is. That is, if the honey hasn’t been ultra-filtered to disguise its origins — usually somewhere in Asia (especially China or India). Ultra-filtering (or “honey laundering,” which uses heat, watering down and application of high pressure) means there is no pollen left. No pollen means the product is no longer honey. And that means you just spent a lot of money to buy what is essentially syrup, containing few nutrients, no healthful ingredients and a lot of empty calories. Real, raw, unpasteurized honey is a totally different product. Be discerning. Be a detective. Investigate your honey sources and always BUY RAW!
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