From the Red House Honey Hothouse: Cousin Di’s Great Gardening Tips

We’re starting a new feature here at Red House Honey to showcase some other aspects of gardening. My cousin Diane, like most of her family, is a fantastic gardener.  And I do mean fantastic. Her vegetables grow in orderly precision, her beans produce ridiculously early and weeds flee when they see her coming 

We managed to wrest some of her secrets from her and we thought we’d share some of those top tips with you in the coming weeks. 

Cousin Diane's garden
Cousin Diane’s garden

Here’s one of Cousin Di’s top tips:  

.  Don’t be afraid to plant certain veggies early. 

“I like to get hubby to rototill the garden in mid-to-late April, as soon as the snow is gone and the garden dries out.  Then by the end of April, I plant peas, lettuce, spinach, onions, carrots, beets, potatoes.  (The lettuce and spinach work best if you have a shadier part of the garden, I grow mine in the shadow of the fence.)  I also put in half a row of green beans–it is too early for them–but I’ve had luck the last couple years and nice early beans.”

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