RAW/Kosher OVH Certified 140 g


RAW/Kosher Honey 140 g
RAW/Kosher Honey 140 g

RAW/Kosher OVH Certified Honey 140 g


RAW/Kosher honey, 140 g jar.

Our RHH RAW/Kosher honey is certified kosher by Ottawa Vaad HaKashrut via annual inspection and bears the OVH logo on every label.

This honey is produced on-site, from our very own bees, and is bottled and labelled by hand on our premises. This all-natural, unpasteurized honey preserves all of the healing goodness Mother Nature intended.

Raw honey is anti-microbial, anti-biotic and can be applied to skin irritations and minor cuts for quick healing. Consuming raw honey from your local area can also help mitigate pollen allergies and boost the immune system. RHH RAW/Kosher is a blend of spring wildflowers including apple blossoms, dogwood, crabapple, daisies, squash and other plants on our acreage and beyond.

Available in 140g and 250g jars, this line sells out quickly due to high demand.