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“Sweetness in a Little Red Box”

Here at The Red House, we love honey. Our all-natural, OVH-certified kosher honey is made by hand without the use of electricity: hand-cranked out of our Lega Italian extractor, then hand sieved and bottled. It remains as pure as it was in the hive: unpasteurized, with no preservatives, pesticides or additives. Red House Honey is the only honey certified kosher by Ottawa Vaad HaKashrut and is also halal. 

“Honey Pot Parties and Fundraisers”

Our fundraisers and in-home parties are popular and cost the client nothing. You provide the venue, along with drinks and goodies, we provide the entertainment. An hour long talk followed by a question period and time to browse the Red House Gift Shop and interesting bee-related artifacts we bring along. It’s a great evening of fun with friends, and a great way to raise funds for your cause or just get together with friends — and to stock up on our great gift boxes and individual items.

“Corporate Gift Boxes, Wedding Favours and Other Great Gift Ideas”

Our cute little red boxes contain a bevy of gifts, such as 100% beeswax candles, unique soaps, hand-knitted washcloths, and of course, our yummy honey. Boxes can be customized to your personal needs and tastes; bulk discounts apply. Think honey when you think of Rosh Hashanah, Christmas, Eid, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and more. 

The Lega Hand-Cranked Extractor

The Lega Hand-Cranked Extractor


Our pure Ontario honey is made by happy bees which feed on the nectar of apple blossoms, dandelions, buckwheat and other flowers and vegetables from our gardens.

Bee hives beside a buckwheat field.

Bees beside a field of buckwheat.

The Honey Pot Blog is all about honey. We’ll tell you the latest tales of our never-ending trials and tribulations of bee keeping on the St. Lawrence River. From Eastern Ontario’s full force gales to snow and sleet, to the sweet flowering of the apple blossoms and the whiskey scent of ripening buckwheat. We’ll keep you in the smooth nectar flow of what our bees are doing (gathering pollen and sipping on nectar) – and what they really, really like (making honey). It’s a honey of a life on the river.

The Red House

Red House Honey

Step into our Handmade Honey Shop, and order up a taste of our honey products. Take home some of our veggies (in season), beeswax candles, gift baskets and other unique Honey Love products.

The Sipper 85g jar

The Sipper 85g jar

At The Red House Honey Bee Garden, you can view a gallery of pictures of our honey bee gardens in every season, as winter’s thunderous gales give way to the gorgeous blossoming of spring, the surging vegetation of summer, giving way to autumn’s fruition and blissful colours.

Where the bees gather the raw materials for their honey.

Where the bees gather the raw materials for their honey.

Cook with Honey on our recipes page. And don’t forget to come over to The Beehive, our bee-aficionados’ forum for discussions on bees, honey and making your own bee-friendly garden.

Honey Wisdom: The Buzz About Honey will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about honey.  

Honey Tasting: How to Love Honey  will take you through the easy steps to tasting honey, pairing it will food and drink…and even hosting your own honey tasting.

 @redhousehoney06  #redhousehoney www.facebook.com/artisanalhoney


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